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All About Hydraulic Check Valves [2010-12-01]

Hydraulic Check Valve

Hydraulic check valves are the most widely used valves that allow fluid to flow in one direction in a hydraulic system and prevent reversal of liquid flow. That is why the name the "check valve". In other words, this device is installed in a pipe so that the water does not flow backwards inside the pipe. There is a mechanism inside the pipe which moves according to the flow of the water towards the valve, and when required, the mechanism plugs up the valve opening so that there is no flow of water backwards.

In a hydraulic check valve, there are two openings. The inlet through which the hydraulic fluid enters and an outlet through which the fluid goes out. The best thing is that they operate automatically. They work in relation with hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders. The valves control the flow and pressure of the fluid so that there is proper functioning of the equipment.

There are different designs available in hydraulic valves like ball, plunger, swinging disc, and poppet. Depending on the application area, the size and shape varies. These check valves are used in industrial applications that require hydraulic pumps, like in automotive braking systems, vehicles, construction tools, including city water and sewer systems. They are used in systems where a backup of fluid could cause problems on a large scale.