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As the equipment of wheels within the driving locomotives [2011-03-29]

As the equipment of wheels within the driving locomotives, Hydraulic Quick Coupling the electric engine is not the only one. inside hydraulic machinery the turbo machinery has the similar driving residence to the electric motor. So if people enhance the turbo machinery, it may be also employed by the driving locomotives. As long as people add a pump in to the diesel engine and supply some fluid with pressure to the turbo, the equipment can make the fluid work periodically and also is capable to allow the fluid inside turbo appear back to the entry within the pump soon after operation. in accordance with the above-mentioned operation, the entire system is applicable with the driving system within the diesel locomotives. On basis within the working principle, a Germany engineer invited the torque converter and fluid coupling. He mixed the turbo and pump together. inside combination, no mechanical joint was applied. It was just operated by the fluid circulation. The driving system employed by the diesel locomotives with the soft connection way is named fluid energy transmission.

Compared with electric transmission, the fluid energy transmission is only a promising young driving system. But inside fierce competition, the new driving system wins the important location and thus its role can not be overlooked easily. Why can the fluid energy transmission be thought highly by the user? It has a near relationship with its particular merits. Firstly, the electric engine is not needed by the hydraulic rotary transmission equipment. So a outstanding amount of expensive brass can ne saved. Secondly, this transmission system is brightness in weight. simply because within the feature, the price within the locomotive and its bodyweight is correspondingly reduced. Even with the same weight, the energy within the locomotive with fluid driving system is greater than that of locomotive with electric motor. In addition, it is easy to restore the transmission powered by fluid. And the reliability is fairly high. final but not least, the elements of the transmission system are shell type. regardless of whether there is wind, rainfall or snow, its operation will not be influenced.