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Baidu natural position while bidding to do with the possibility of analysis [2012-01-11]

A few months ago I took a few business website optimization list, which has a stainless steel quick connect coupling on this site, first I'm sure the main keyword and site optimization within this process is not written, often within the optimization are similar, less than a month after the time the main keywords of stainless steel quick connectors, foam packaging and related treatment of the word all the best time to reach home after Baidu Baidu Encyclopedia, declared: during this period my site bid and ranking is done at the same time, Baidu included about 800 or so normal. I completed the task list to the company, the company that the optimization has been completed, so give up the site keyword bidding, less than two weeks, the site was K only home, up to now is just the home page, and keyword ranking all fly away .
The second example is a railway switch on, switch like the switch mine sites, this site is my own so do the next test is the same as the first example, less than 2 months, Baidu Keywords All two, some word one, as these words on the page really hard problems, I believe many seoer also understand that there are several sites during the same period of my website, in the course of the operation of these sites, I added some of these sites with black, then began to rail turnout, turnout mine bid on words like the rest of the few sites do not operate during this period included a snapshot of all the site's ranking normal, two months after the personal website keywords that stable, so get rid of mine turnouts, railway switches and other words of the auction, less than a week to happen, did not participate in multi-auction site's ranking is still included in the snapshot, this snapshot of turnout echoed website first 15 days, then top down, the best by K only home.
Disclaimer: This second example is not true I deliberately fabricated, not for reasons of confidentiality given to the site, said there maybe some friends would say this is the reason you add black chain, but the black with the same period Web site no less than 10, why is this a problem?