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Create their own riddles close to community residents [2012-02-14]

I found hanging in the open space on thousands of riddles,all hand written,but also a neat calligraphy.Pilu Temple community workers Ye Yongmei told reporters,writing thousands of riddles,the riddles one by one into computers in order to Duijiang,community workers busy for a few days."All these riddles from the private sector,neither is looking for on your computer,nor is it plagiarism,enthusiastic people of the community their own creation,but close to the community characteristics."
Zhang Sen and Xing leopard two master craftsmen,the producers and creators of these riddles,and thousands of riddles to spend their whole two weeks time.Zhang told the author that they had the the riddles Association member,has been riddles-loving creation.This time,because time is short,they used a part of Chen mystery,and Miyou collecting part of the same time they also created a part of riddles.Especially the creation of hydraulic equipment for the answers to riddles,great community features.Although these riddles the two old people "bruising","pull the broken skull",but to see so many people to guess the riddles,they are very happy.
According to Pilu Temple Community Party branch secretary Song Guifu,in order to mass cultural activities of the rich during the holiday season,the community-based organizations first riddles activities section,mass cultural performances,dumplings game,riddles and games in the Lantern Festival to residents in the wider community on a cultural feast.Community residents to participate in the enthusiasm and the activities section of the community will riddles in the future continue to be pursued."