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Harm and control of leakage of hydraulic system [2011-11-16]


Harm of disclosure

Hydraulic system leak affecting system security, causing oil waste, pollution surrounding environment, increased machine downtime, reduced productivity, increased production costs and the product is defaced, therefore, the leakage of the hydraulic system we must be controlled.


Causes of leakage

Almost all of the leakage of the hydraulic system is in use for some time because of the following three reasons:

(1) shock and vibration caused by loose fitting;

(2) dynamic seals and matching each other wear;

(3) high oil temperature rubber seal incompatible with hydraulic oil and spoilage.


Leakage of the control measures

(1) reduce shock and vibration:

①     using damping bracket fixed all pipes to absorption impact and vibration;

②     using low impact valve or energy storage device to reduced impact;

③     appropriate layout pressure control valve to protection system of all components;

④     as far as possible reduced tube connector of using number, tube connector as far as possible with welding connection;

⑤     using straight thread connector, tee connector and elbow instead of cone tube thread connector;

⑥     as far as possible with back oil block instead of each distribution tube;

⑦     for using of highest pressure, provides installed Shi using bolt of torque and blocking head torque, prevent combination surface and sealed pieces was eroded ;

⑧     the correct installation of fittings.


(2) reduction of dynamic seals wear

(3) requirements for static sealing

(4) reasonable design of mounting plate

(5) oil temperature control to prevent seal degeneration