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Hengyang Baishazhou Industrial Park Project started 6 [2011-12-14]


Hengyang City Industrial Park ball Baishazhou breeze, fireworks bloom, 6 projects in the groundbreaking ceremony held here. Provincial Party Standing Committee, Party Secretary Zhang Wenxiong Hengyang announced enthusiastically automation Shenzhen Joint Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was LCD, capacitive screens and other specialized equipment 6 projects started. This is the park since 2008, the 3rd group held a number of projects started, writing a "project for the King," the glorious chapter.
Start date of the six projects are: Shenzhen Joint Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was automated "LCD, capacitive screen professional equipment" project, allowing a strong Hong Kong International Hardware Co., Ltd. "high-end bicycle production", Gansu Investment Group Co., CY company "of CNC tool development, and manufacturing" project, Ferrero Rocher Technology Co., Ltd. "packaging" project, Guangzhou, Beijing, Yu Electronics Co., Ltd. "QJY tire cranes and 200 million units, auto parts" project, Lincoln hydraulic equipment Co., Ltd. "car hydraulic coupling system and auto Parts "project. Six projects a total investment of 998 million yuan, covers an area of 353 acres, After the completion of the annual sales income of 2.75 billion yuan, and annual revenue 308 million yuan.