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How Does a Hydraulic Check Valve Work? [2010-12-06]

Hydraulic Check Valve

There are many different types of hydraulic check valves, but they all work based on the same underlying principles. For example, a ball check valve contains a ball that sits at the opening of the pipe and is held in place by a spring. When the water flows towards the valve, it pushes on the ball, forcing the spring to contract and the ball to move away from the opening of the valve. When the water stops flowing through the valve, the spring expands once again and presses the ball back into the mouth of the valve, stopping the water from flowing backwards through the valve.

Swing valves and split disk valves work similarly. Swing valves contain a small hinged door that swings open as the water flows past and slams shut when the flow stops. Split disk valves contain a folded metal disk that allows water to flow past it but springs open when the flow stops.