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How Quick Disconnect Gas Filters Are Made [2011-01-24]

•A quick disconnect fuel filter stops debris and large particles from entering the engine of a car. Debris in the fuel can cause clogs, so keeping a fuel filter clean and maintained is essential to the life of a vehicle. A quick disconnect system is a system that allows a mechanic or vehicle owner to detach the fuel filter line without losing any gas or allowing air to enter the fuel line. This type of fuel system depends upon a plastic or metal quick   Disconnect  coupling that works in conjunction with the filter.
Filter Materials
•Different vehicles use different types of filter materials, but most drivers will commonly find a paper filter within the fuel system. Paper filters are canister-shaped and have pleated filter paper wrapped around a cylindrical base. Fuel filters are stored within a canister-shaped filter housing. The filter housing is metal, although some manufacturers are working on creating a thermoplastic alternative to aluminum housing.
Filter Parts
•The housing of a quick   quick  disconnect  coupling  gas filter is the part of the filter that attaches to the fuel system of the vehicle. The housing has an intake and outtake valve which connects to the fuel lines. Inside the fuel system is a bracket that attaches to the frame of the vehicle. This bracket also attaches to the filter and keeps it in place. The fuel filter design allows for a clamp to go around the filter to attach it to the bracket. A quick disconnect nipple that inserts into the fuel line is placed at the ends of the fuel lines. The gas filter designed for quick-release also has an area on the filter tube for the placement of a quick disconnect tool. This tool slides into the filter to disconnect the flow of fuel through the gas lines when the filter is removed for replacement or repair. If a filter is not a quick disconnect, it will have a nut for the fittings on the top and bottom instead of a nipple.