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How to choose quick coupling? [2010-11-03]

 1, fluid type, temperature (please select suitable type of fluid, the temperature of the body material and seal material of the quick coupling. According to the fluid, for the body material, seal material is different, for example, the recommended air speed steel connector system water is brass or stainless steel option.
 2 ,or liquid (see the selected pressure for fluid pressure, the performance of fast joint) fluid pressure is the key to quick coupling selected. Hydraulic quick coupler is used 5.0Mpa 51kgf/cm ²-68.6Mpa 700kgf/cm ² series between the corresponding features on the pressure, rapid joint structure is different automatic switch valve structure .
3, (Please select appropriate piping Use the quick connector valve structure) for the construction of the valve, a two-way switching, one-way switching and two-way open. In addition to the separation of the two switching time outside, there is the outflow of fluid from the piping. So please note.
4 quick connector use of the environment (please select suitable environment for the construction, material fast connection) combined with the environment humidity, dust conditions, and easy to use environment such as corrosion, to consider the selected type of quick connector, bulk material sealing material.
5 ,device shape, size (please determine the final shape and size after ordering products) Make sure the quick coupling of the type and material, and specify the characteristics of the corresponding piping assembly in shape and size. Please note that size is relevant in connection with the fluid flow.