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Introduction of Hydraulic Coupling [2011-02-14]

 It is based on the liquid as the working medium of a non-rigid coupling, also known as the hydraulic coupling.
  Hydraulic coupling pump wheel and turbine allows the liquid to form a closed loop flow of the working chamber, the pump wheel mounted on the input shaft, the turbine mounted on the output shaft. Power machine (internal combustion engine, electric motor, etc.) drive the input shaft rotates, the liquid was thrown centrifugal pump impeller. After high-speed liquid into the turbine drive gas turbine, the energy gained from the pump wheel passed to the output shaft.finally, the liquid return pump wheel, forming a cycle of flow. By the liquid and the Hydraulic coupling pump wheel and turbine blade interaction of the change of angular momentum transfer torque. Its output torque is equal to input torque minus the friction torque, so it is less than the output torque of constant input torque. Hydraulic coupling input shaft and output shaft by the fluid contact between the work rigid connection does not exist among the components.
  Hydraulic coupling characteristics are: to eliminate shock and vibration; output speed than input speed, the speed difference between the two axes with the increase of load; overload performance and good starting performance, load time is too large to enter the stall Shaft can rotate without causing damage to power machine; when the load is reduced, the output shaft speed is increased until close to the input shaft speed, the torque transmission zero.
    Hydraulic coupling transmission efficiency is equal to the output shaft speed and input shaft speed ratio. General Hydraulic coupling speed of the normal working conditions available at the time than in the more than 0.95 higher efficiency. Characteristics of Hydraulic coupling with the pump chamber due to work round the shape of the turbine differ. It generally rely on the shell of natural heat, without external cooling of the fuel supply system. If the oil vent Hydraulic coupling, coupler to disengage the state is able to play the role of the clutch.