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ITT ICS Highly-versatile multi-pin conITT ICS Highly-versatile multi-pin nectors for demanding uses [2012-03-28]

Now obtainable from ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS) Veam’s CIR series connectors are the foremost versatile electrical, optical and pneumatic multi-pin connectors obtainable these days, says the corporate. Designed originally for the hostile surroundings of mass transit applications, CIR series connectors are appropriate to be used in military, commercial, medical, geophysical, entertainment, nuclear and aerospace applications.

The design parameters of the CIR series connectors are primarily based on VG95234, with one third flip positive lock and Quick Disconnect Coupling that surpasses the environmental needs of this military specification and options an audible, visual, and tactile indication of full coupling. The CIR connector style has been adopted by NATO in addition as many alternative railway programmes worldwide, because of the big selection of accessories and choices developed over over fifty years of CIR use within the mass transportation sector.

Highly shock and vibration resistant, CIR series connectors don’t need any lock wires or coupling threads that gall or bind as a result of wear or contamination. Designed for 2000 coupling cycles, the devices are waterproof to ten meters (14.7 PSI) for up to twelve hours.

Among most well-liked CIR connector series, coaxial and fibreoptic designs are obtainable with single or multiple fibre termini. Devices will embrace a variety of insert/grommet materials to produce superior resistance to fuel oils, solvents and elevated temperatures; alternatively they will be provided with glass to metal hermetic seals in lieu of elastomeric inserts. alternative configurations embrace high voltage, twin- or tri-axial – size four or eight contacts and RFI/EMI – grounding fingers on plug connectors give superior plug-to-receptacle (360 degree) protect integrity, says the corporate.