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New Holland Construction Announces C Series Loader Backhoes [2012-02-20]

With backhoe bucket breakout forces of 12,933 lbf (five,5740 kN) and lift capacities at 12 feet (three.66 m) of,940 lb (one,785 kg), New Holland C Series loader backhoes succeed in hard conditions, making the washing machine suitable for job tasks including digging trenches or placing pipe.

RACINE, Wis. a New Holland Construction introduced the C Series loader backhoes, featuring Tier four Interim engines, improved engine response, fuel efficiency and an optional auto ride control. The queue-up includes the B95C, B95C TC, B95C LR and B110C.

aThe washing machine deliver the ability and torque needed to get any digging, loading, trenching or pushing job completed faster,a said Dave December, director of global sales and promotion communications, CNH Construction Equipment.

The most recent C Series loader backhoes feature Tier four Interim emissions certified diesel engines, which range from 95 net hp (71 kW) to 108 net hp (81 kW). The engines leverage cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) emission know-how and use a diesel particulate filter (DPF). While using CEGR process, producing nitrogen oxides (NOx) inside engine is reduced by lowering the combustion temperature which has a partial exhaust gas recirculation process. The degree of particulate matter are then reduced through the DPF.

The new Tier four engines also deliver faster response and increased fuel efficiency a as much as percent over earlier models. aThe newest Holland Construction C Series loader backhoes improve fuel efficiency without compromising engine performance, and provides our customers additional savings on operational costs,a said December.

The tranquility of serviceability for the New Holland C Series loader backhoes provides maximum uptime and profit. A fresh tilt forward hood, which replaces the flip-up hood on earlier models, is simple to spread out, and wide access with low work for process maintenance needs.

The new C Series loader backhoes feature an optional auto ride control, replacing the standard ride control on earlier models. Historicallyin the past reserved for wheel loaders, the automobile ride control provides stronger loader performance, greater ease of operation helping reduce spillage and machine looping at elevated speeds. When the operator is travelling for a slower speed, for example pushing right soil pile, the ride control process automatically shuts off.

The C Series loader backhoes add the B95C LR (long reach) and B95C TC (tool carrier) models. The B95C LR combines the lightweight in the B95C with all the longer stick with the B110C and supplies excellent dig depth, reach and fuel consumption. Ideal for material handling use, the B95C TC delivers true self-leveling on the loader both around.

The full choice of attachments can be obtained, including augers, booms, forks, hydraulic hammers and rakes. An optional auxiliary hydraulic circuit can be employed having a mechanical quick-attach process or an electro-Hydraulic Quick Coupling  for without headaches hookup to numerous attachments.