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Pneumatic fittings of the proper use and maintenance [2010-10-28]

Pneumatic fittings of the proper use and maintenance of a pneumatic fittings device, if not pay attention to maintenance work, it will damage or frequent premature failure of the life of the device greatly reduced, in the pneumatic fittings device maintenance should be found for signs of the accident, to take timely measures to reduce and prevent such failures from occurring, to extend the service life of components and systems. Therefore, enterprises should develop pneumatic equipment maintenance management practices, strengthen management education and management. Maintenance of the central tasks is to ensure supply of clean dry compressed air pneumatic fittings system, pneumatic system to ensure air tightness to ensure the necessary oil mist lubrication lubrication components, pneumatic fittings and systems to ensure working conditions are provided (such as the use of pressure voltage, etc.) to ensure that pneumatic actuator in accordance with the requirements of the work scheduled. Lubricator oil is best used once a week meeting the specifications, make up the oil, we should pay attention to fuel reduction. If too little fuel consumption, the amount should be re-adjusted drop of oil, adjusted drop of oil consumption has dropped or drop of oil, import and export should check whether the installed anti-Lubricator, oil path is blocked, whether the specifications of the selected Lubricator appropriate. Maintenance work per month per quarter should be higher than the daily and weekly maintenance work more carefully, but still limited to the outside to check the range. Its main contents are: carefully check the situation throughout the leak, tighten loose screws and fittings, check valve exhaust air quality, and check some of the flexibility of the regulation, inspection instructions instrument accuracy, check the solenoid valve switch was reliability, check the quality of the cylinder piston rod as well as all the contents from the outside to check.

Maintenance work can be divided into regular maintenance and periodic maintenance. The former refers to the daily maintenance work must be carried out, which can be weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance. Maintenance should be recorded. Maintenance should be recorded, in order to facilitate future diagnosis and treatment. Check gas leakage should be coated with liquid soap in various check points and so on, because show the effect of leakage is more sensitive than listening to the sound. Check the quality of the air valve exhaust note when the following three aspects: First, to understand whether the appropriate lubricant contained in the exhaust, the method is a clean white paper on the exhaust valve near the valve in the work three to four cycles, if only a very light white spots, indicating good lubrication, the second is to understand whether the exhaust contains condensate, is about three exhaust vents should not be whether there is leakage. Indicate a small leak pneumatic fittings of early damage (Seal Valves Micro leakage gap is normal).