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Pneumatic quick coupling is introduced and the matters needing attention [2010-10-21]

pneumatic quick couplers  Is a major for air piping, pneumatic tools, need not quick joint tools can achieve pipeline connection or disconnect the connector.

First,pneumatic quick connection types, according to the structure can be divided into:
1, do not link: open close-type ends - when the mother moved to another side of the rings, stainless steel beads to scroll, automatic plasma with common valve for maternal reoccurrence of spring force acting under the operation and disconnected, plasma and maternal valve closed their respective instant blocking the flow. Link - when the progeny insert rings in the spring, the maternal when under the action of steel, go back to the original location rolling lock, plasma is closely connected with the other parent plasma pushed open valve, fluid flow, o-rings can completely blocked fluid leakage.

2 and open both
Don't link - when the rings are pushed at the other end, steel rolling and therefore to be removed; reoccurrence, Because no valve and plasma, fluid outflowing. Link - when insert rings, known by its parent springs to previous position of pushed steel lock, fluid flow, including the o-rings to prevent fluid leakage

3 single road closed open
Don't link - when the mother's collar moved to another side, stainless steel beads to scroll, automatic plasma reaction of valve spring is open, the valve can be close to block the flow. Link - when the progeny of maternal insert a collar, the valve is opened one side to flow, gaskets are spring force back original position, stainless bead lock to ensure that the child will connect, the parent/gasket can completely blocked fluid leakage.
Second, pneumatic quick coupling scope:

Air pipe, air compressor, grinding machine, air drilling, impact wrench, QiYun screwdrivers and pneumatic tools connection with fast connection

Third, pneumatic joint cautions:
L don't used for purposes other than fast fluid connectors.
2 please don't apply for the fluid flow outside.
3 please don't with other companies in rapid fluid connectors.
4 when using the highest do not exceed pressure.
5 don't use outside temperature range, preventing sealing material wear or leakage.
6 don't human struck, bending, stretching, preventing damage.
7 don't mix powder metal or sand dust etc, preventing adverse use work or leak.
8 if attached to cause undesirable or sundries work.
9 do not remove the fast joints.