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Pneumatic Quick Coupling Styles [2010-11-29]

Air Quick Coupling
Pneumatic Quick Coupling are used to connect lines on hydraulic or pneumatic systems to prevent fluid loss and the accompanying loss in fluid pressure.

Couplers can be utilized in a wide range of temperature and pressure scenarios and are made up of two halves that fit together--a male, or plug, half; and a female, or coupler, half.

There are many different types and sizes of couplers that can be routinely used in tools utilizing a central pressure supply system, such as air hoses.
Male and Female National Pipe Threads (NPT) are couplers that are used to connect pipes on hydraulic systems, according to the Cole Parmer Technical Library's website. These NPTs can be divided into two types: jointing threads and fastening threads.
Male and Female Straight Threads are used to connect two tubes, usually on hydraulic systems, they are joined by an O-ring.
A type of pneumatic quick coupling used to connect two pipes together or a pipe to a fixture or valve, a compression fitting is made up of three parts: a nut, a ring and a compression seat.