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Quick Coupling Device [2010-12-22]

LSQ-ISOAClose-Type-Hydraulic-Quick-CouplingRelated Features quick couplings. Switching functions: air pressure, hydraulic coupling, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, the metal mold-related mechanical attachment. Maintenance function: computer cooling devices, casting machine tank maintenance. Test functions: vacuum, pressure, leakage, operation and other tests. Transport functions: bolts, nuts and other solids conveying, handling and conductive features. Fill function: inert gas, nitrogen, LPG, carbonate. Connectivity: fishing rod, pocket-sized CD of fixed parts, mobile connectivity and fluid operation for purposes other than transportation.
Aerodynamic effect is the use of impact or effect of air pressure to turn to sports or for success. Air is compressed air as power source to drive the completion of stretching or rotating mechanical action. Because the air is compressed using the characteristics of inhalation of compressed air storage, air will be the same as with the elastic spring, and then control element to control its direction of rotation and drive the implementation of flexible components. The number of air inhaled from the atmosphere, how much will discharge into the atmosphere will not produce any chemical reaction, air pollution will not consume any component, other than the viscosity of liquid gas is smaller, so that flow fast, so that the main features is the energy-saving environmental protection. Pneumatic fittings pressure or by gas expansion forces generated by the components to do work, about the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy of the parts.