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Six-speed connection is not easy to love you [2012-01-05]

Style yellow table was a quick connect coupling, husband gave me, is tired behind the excitement. "You know? This is our latest product, verify these quick connectors, special air compressor manufacturers to export custom-made in Europe and America can be common with the U.S. market, the three public access, as well as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the three kind of public access, which is a common Europe. "Cardiff is always the most simple words taught me the most difficult to understand the mechanical terms. Into the machinery industry has been almost a year, a star from the initial to the present-star, although Wait, but many thanks to the network, including Alibaba platform.
From the initial knowledge of the machinery industry, and today continue to expand the business, with excellent quality and reasonable price, and that the peak I came step by step, customers are constantly increasing, and finally sold a record last month a new high.
At present the core competitiveness of enterprises is quality, not as a precondition to the sale of good quality is illusory, and the premise of guaranteeing quality of the price advantage is the basis for continued development and growth.
With the gradual deepening of understanding of the industry, I and husband constantly upgrade the products to meet customer demand, customer and market needs to develop new products, increase the competitiveness of enterprises, should be a good way.
Husband is at this time began the development of "Six-" quick connector, before the company's flagship product is: "triple play"
quick release coupling is also a common Europe and America, but because the market size of many popular public access, not a very uniform inspection standards, which directly affect the customer's air compressor export. We later improved the common European market and the U.S. generic market, but this result is still unable to meet customer needs.