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The basic principle of hydraulic coupling [2010-10-26]

Hydraulic coupling  is a widely used hydraulic transmission components. Power drive pump rotation, coupled device stir cavity pump blades of working liquid, in effect, centrifugal pump energy into liquid can be passed to the turbine turbine blade, again will absorb liquid can transfer to work. Study and work for the transmission medium fluid, so its advantage is other power equipment connect incomparable.
Hydraulic coupling is generally USES oil medium. Working fluid recommended: 32 # steam turbine oil, 6, 8 hydraulic transmission oil hydraulic transmission oil. Colliery, the application of the coupling torque-limiting type water and flame retardant fluid for medium.
Torque-limiting econo-technical norms filling quantity allowed more than most of the total volume. Recommends users buy torque-limiting econo-technical norms coupled device when selecting GuanChaJing (oil), depending on the mirror, not open GuanChaJing through coupled device, it can easily see filling quantity. Fusible plugs are the torque-limiting type overheating protection device coupled with other, never use alternative screw. Fusible plugs can effectively protect the torque-limiting type coupled device, but not overheat can work out pollution and medium, users can be used, to meet the special requirements of the bop control switch YOXWK liquid type. Explosive plug is mainly used for water and flame retardant liquid medium torque-limiting type coupled device. Torque-limiting type coupled with the power output to agree, power steering can be positive &negative, but should avoid sharp and conversion to.
Coupled device should be regularly check the working medium of quality and coupled device elastic cushion block of) (loss situation, change in time. Non-professionals are not optional disassembling coupled device, lest broken seal and balance accuracy.