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The function of hydraulic coupling [2010-12-29]

Close-Type-Hydraulic-Coupling-SteelHydraulic coupling with flexible drive, slow shocks, segregation of torsional vibration of the function, can lengthen the start-up time, reduce starting current, power, light load startup heavy load startup inertia big difficult problem, overload protection. And this product can be reached by lowering the motor base, energy saving effect. Fuyite brand speed stepless speed regulating functions, is applied to fans and pumps energy-saving effect is remarkable.

Torque-limiting econo-technical norms to indicate the engine when ordering power, speed, the prime mover and work machine, high, key trunnion wide must size. Other forms should indicate the pulley groove type, the diameter, number of slots, brake wheel diameter size, the coupled device should be installed vertically marked by vertical or hang vertical. Cooperate with the prime mover, working machine when using recommendation to indicate the G7 tolerance, if not specifically noted tolerance will press benchmark hole tolerance H7 processing. Velocity modulated hydraulic coupler coupled device to indicate when the order to stand in the motor (see hydraulic coupling in input device is clockwise or anti-clockwise). Detailed information and a special type of product size parameters, please call us and negotiate.
Hydraulic coupling installation, commissioning editor should read the instructions before, but do not know to consult professional guidance. When installation should ensure that the input and output of the coaxial tolerance, hydraulic when the installation match-mismatch special installation, remove tool, if you need to order.