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The principle of Hydraulic Coupling ware work [2011-02-22]

Hydraulic coupling is working as liquids for the working medium of a kind of non-rigid coupling, also call it hydrodynamic coupling.
Hydraulic coupler pump wheels and turbine form a can make liquid circulation flow airtight chamber, pump wheels outfit in the input shaft, turbine installed in the output shaft. Power generator (internal combustion engine, motor, etc.) drive input shaft rotates, the liquid centrifugal pump wheels throw by. This kind of high-speed liquid into turbine namely after push turbine rotating, will from pump wheels obtain energy transfer to the output shaft. Finally, form liquid returns pump wheels the cyclical flow. Hydraulic coupling by liquid and the pump wheels, turbine blades interact to produce momentum changes to the transmission torque. Its output torques equals input torque minus the friction torque, so it is less than the output torque constant input torque. Hydraulic coupling between input shaft and output axis on liquid contact, work component does not exist between the rigid connection.
Hydraulic coupling features are: can eliminate the impact and vibration, Tachometer output below the input speed, two axis of rotation difference with load and the increase of increased, Overload protection performance and starting performance is good, and the load excessive stall when input shaft rotation, still can not cause damage to the power generator, When the load is reduced hours, output shaft RPM increases until close to input shaft speed, torque is delivered to zero. Hydraulic coupling efficiency means of transmission shaft speed input and output shaft speed ratios. General hydraulic coupling speed than in normal working conditions when above 0.95 while can obtain higher efficiency. The characteristics of hydraulic coupling because of work cavities and pump wheels, turbine shape will vary. It is commonly by shell natural cooling, without external cooling of the injection system. If the hydraulic coupling of oil vent, couplers are off open position, can play the role of the clutch.