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Toilet cleaner toilet valve failure "suck" [2011-12-20]


Subsequently, the reporter called the supply line, the staff is sure to tell reporters: "net outflow of water from the head when they are need to detect, were all strictly, so net outflow of water from the competent national testing standards are in line with that there is no quality problems, residents need not worry about this. residents of the home water color, which is some residents to use the blue toilet water toilet cleaner box.
Under normal circumstances, the toilet tank toilet cleaners containing blue water will not enter the water supply pipes, but Denon two water supply is limited, when the residents of the home to stop water supply, water pressure changes, coupled with the toilet tank strict closure of the Hydraulic Check Valve, the water supply pipeline will produce negative pressure. Blue water is possible through the toilet tank of water into the residential buildings of the water supply pipe, causing residents of the home's water blue. If the residents of the water discharged after a period of time, water will back to normal. Residents early in the water, let go of part of the 'blue water', etc. and then use the water fully clarified. "
Upon learning of the results, Mr. Zhang said that the unit will be going door to door household, do not go down the toilet put the toilet spirit, so as not to pollute the water.