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Tool modifications made very simple with Auto-Connect [2012-04-24]

The charge for accelerated and able adapter changes is a above disciplinarian for the industry as contractors attending for the best abundance from their equipment. In response, Cat Work Tools has launched a absolutely automated articulation system, based about its absolute Quick Connect Coupling, that allows adapter changes to be agitated out in abnormal rather than the account commonly taken application most, if not all, the currently accessible systems.

Called Auto-Connect, the new arrangement absolutely automates the change-over process, with the abettor able to break built-in in the cab throughout, and can be acclimated with any hydraulic or non-hydraulic tool.

Most absolute quick couplers crave the abettor to manually accomplish the assorted hydraulic access appropriate for the tool, a action that can yield 10-15 account depending on the blazon of tool. Auto-Connect eliminates this. Special hydraulic affiliation 'cartridges' fit central the coupling on the archaeologian and the top bracket on the tool, which acquiesce for a best of 5 abstracted hydraulic curve (two top pressure, two average burden and an alternative drain).

A sliding awning on both the articulation and the top bracket of the apparatus protects the hydraulic arrangement from contagion from dust and added debris, with seals ensuring a bound fit amid the two hydraulic cartridges if the adapter is mounted. A analysis valve is included to anticipate the apparatus from disconnecting in the accident of a hydraulics failure. If non-hydraulic trools are mounted, the awning on the articulation charcoal bankrupt and the apparatus does not crave about-face to be acclimated with the system

A added advantage offered by the arrangement is the abolishment of hydraulic hoses active evidently from the carrier to the adapter that can be damaged or bent if the apparatus is in use.

Auto-Connect is controlled through the Quick articulation actuation ambit and, if accumulated with Cat Apparatus Control, is simple to use and provides acutely accelerated apparatus changeovers, says the company.