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Various Types of Hydraulic Coupling Used in Machines [2010-12-15]


Machine systems use hydraulic couplings for quick disconnect coupling and reconnections. A hydraulic coupling is different than a fitting as fittings are attached to the end of tubes and hoses. Couplings can attach these lines but also mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or other type of part. A hydraulic couplings are preferred over standard fasteners such as nuts and bolts or screws so a mechanic or service technician can quickly remove a part and either repair the item or install a replacement. Couplings can come in a variety of materials such as metal or plastic and have three hydraulic coupling mechanisms: threaded, compression or quick-lock.
A Thread Connected Hydraulic Couplingmust be turned clockwise to install or counterclockwise to disconnect. Threaded couplings are used for high-pressure installations as the repeated male-female threading will resist interior pressure.Although not always quick to engage, a threaded coupling is preferable over threaded screws, nuts and bolts because the coupling is attached to the systems and does not involve several tools and parts. When replacing a high-pressure component such as a hydraulic pump on a job site, disconnecting the threaded coupling is easier than parting a flange or something bolted assembly.
Compression fittings squeeze the male half with the female half using conical pressure to secure the coupling. Compression couplings are ideal for quick installation of a hydraulic line or high-pressure conduit carrying liquid or gas media.The compression coupling is easy to connect with turning the female end and applying pressure to the compressible male end. The compression coupling is also easy to disconnect. The disadvantage is if the installation sees repeated connecting and disconnecting the male coupling will become fatigued and no longer maintain a tight leak-free connection. Compression couplings are usually used on components not regularly changed but requiring quick and complication-free installation during manufacturing.
Quick Lock
Quick lock couplings have a female end ringed with ball bearings set in the coupling. The male coupling has a ring the same diameter as the ball bearings. When the male coupling is inserted the ball bearings sit in the ring and a locking nut is slid down over the female coupling's exterior circumference. The combination of locking ring, ball bearings and male bearing seat makes a very secure and leak free connection.Quick lock coupling work well when lines must be changed frequently (such as chemical processes to change ingredients) or under the hood of a race car when mechanics need to make a quick repair. Quick lock couplings also come on common house garden coupling for quick changes between different spray nozzles or sprinklers.